Call for Copenhagen-Paris Joint PhD-Seminar 2020-2021

Université de Copenhague

Copenhagen-Paris Joint PhD-Seminar 

"Inceptions : exploring the common ground of modern European tradition (Text, Image, Mythos)" 

Organizer : Carlotta Santini (UMR 8547 Pays Germaniques-Transferts Culturels) 



The Institut for Engelsk, Germansk og Romansk (Engerom) of the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the Laboratoire Pays Germaniques - Transferts Culturels (UMR 8547) of the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, is organising a joint seminar dedicated to PhD students. The aim of the seminar is to encourage exchange and mutual debate between Phd Students of the two institutions by expanding the network of scientific collaborations, but also and above all by providing a platform for discussion and development of individual research projects. By exploiting the multidisciplinary expertise represented in the sceintific curricula of the two institutes, we will question the foundations and articulations that determine the salient features of European culture. The seminar will include contributions on the analysis of texts and authors that have marked the thought and the history of modern and contemporary culture, as well as on the genesis and metamorphosis of cultural images and ideas, on the symbols and myths that have oriented and still orient the European intellectual and cultural horizon.


PhD students who would like to participate in this exchange can contact the organiser ( by sending a curriculum and a description of the research project by 15 November 2020. A timetable will then be agreed upon and a shared choice will be made (with the PhD student and his/her supervisor) of the most appropriate repondents.